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Why does Yieldlab make use of cookies?

Yieldlab relies on cookies in order to optimize the selection of
display ads on our customers’ websites. This information is used, for
example, to limit the maximum number of times an advertisement is
displayed to a particular user. Moreover, saved cookie information may
be used in some cases for statistical purposes.

Which data are available via Yieldlab Cookies?
Yieldlab does not use cookies to store personal user data, such as
name, email address or other personal details. All stored data is
anonymized and is limited to technical information, such as frequency
and time of ad deliveries, as well as browser or operating system

What is Yieldlab’s approach to data protection and privacy?
Yieldlab adheres in all of its data processing with Germany’s data
protection laws. All user data are stored exclusively in servers
located within the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition, Yieldlab
complies with the guidelines set forth by the P3P (Privacy
Preferences) Project.

Cookie Opt-Out / How can I deactivate the collection of anonymized
data by Yieldlab?

You can deactivate the collection of anonymized data by clicking on
the following link. Yieldlab will then replace the current cookie with
a new Opt-Out cookie. This Opt-Out cookie replaces and removes any
previously saved user data and prevents the collection of future
anonymized data.



Is it possible to completely disable cookies?
The current generation of internet browsers are configured to allow
cookies by default. This option can be disabled through the browser’s
respective internet settings.

Who can I contact in case of further questions?
You can send your questions regarding data protection and cookie
Opt-Out to info@yieldlab.de.

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